For each one of the individuals who love quadcopters and need to purchase one, here is the UDI U818A review to offer you some assistance with deciding whether this is the one for you. This quadcopter is somewhat best in class contrasted with a percentage of the others in the same classification. The UDI U818A has an awesome plan and is likewise went with a camcorder. Aside from that, this quadcopter additionally has various elements which are certain to abandon you stunned. It can do numerous things that you may not expect at the cost for which you get it.



To commence with, the UDI U818A includes a 6 axis gyro with posture control which means that you can freely maneuver around your quadcopter in virtually any direction and enables it to retain numerous unique positions. Its 4 channel function supplies the UDI U818A quadcopter greater stability and helps it be simple to operate. It includes a video camera which enables you to shoot videos as the quadcopter is in airline flight. Like any different quadcopter, that one also includes a remote controller that you use for controlling these devices.

The UDI U818A weighs 2.3 pounds so you get yourself a 2 GB micro Sdcard along with it where your video clips get stored. It really is filled with a 3.7V 500 mAh LiPo battery which can make the flight last for 9 minutes. It requires around 120 mins to fee the UDI U818A quadcopter. You can buy it from Amazon at a cost of $54.35.


There are several pluses that make this quadcopter work well for you.

  • The best thing about the UDI U818A is the 6 axis gyro which lets you turn and twist your quadcopter around to display some great moves and also maintain control over the device.
  • The advanced features of this quadcopter make it all the more special, one of them being the video camera using which you can shoot videos while it is flying.
  • The 2 GB micro SD card provides you enough space to store the videos.
  • For all that is included onboard the UDI U818A, it still manages to be quite lightweight at 2.3 pounds.
  • Another great feature of the quadcopter is that it is very durable and you can easily crash it around a few times without damage.


The cons of this device are very few and you can easily forgive them.

  • Despite the 500 mAh battery, the flight time of the UDI U818A is very short as it lasts only up to 9 minutes. This definitely kills a little bit of your excitement to play with the device.
  • What’s worse is that you have to wait another 2 hours for it to get charged before you can fly it for another 9 minutes.


There are as well many excellent issues about the UDI U818A quadcopter which completely overshadow the one particular or two minus points. Considering the cost that you spend for bringing the device home, its value is worth far more than each penny that you have spent. Therefore, it entirely justifies the 4 out of five rating that it has got.

After reading this UDI U818A review, I am sure that several of you will want to purchase this quadcopter; so don’t waste time and order it right now.


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Purchasing the UDI U818A is certainly one of the best quadcopter deals that you can get. It has many strong features and also comes at an affordable price.


Original Review by: Daniel Pham
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